Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Study Finds Volunteering Increases Likelihood of Finding A Job

A new and ground breaking study conducted by the Corporation for National & Community Service shows that volunteering can increase an individuals chances of finding a job by as much as 27% more than those who do not volunteer.  Check on the video below along with the link here to the article, "Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment".

The benefits of volunteering have long been trumpeted as a way to entice the populace to sacrifice their time for a person or cause.  Having a positive impact on your community and building your experience through volunteering to increase your chances of landing that dream job are two great reasons to volunteer.  However, until now there has not been significant measurable data to back up the idea that volunteering can be a pathway to a paid position in the working world.

Volunteering for hospice helps prepare those who want to work in the medical field become more equipped and knowledgeable in their desired area of work.  Unquestionably, the compassionate and sometimes difficult work of a hospice volunteer helps individuals prepare for all kinds of workplace obstacles.  Aspiring medical social workers can help learn to navigate fragile family situations and relationships, perhaps even improving the way families get along in certain fortunate circumstances.  Those who wish to become nurses or case managers will interact with medical staff during their volunteer experience, seeing the ins and outs of what a day on the job for a traveling hospice nurse might be like.  Individuals who wish to work in an office or familiarize themselves with medical records can gain valuable experience as an office hospice volunteer.

One of the beautiful things about hospice is that the volunteer is not restricted to any particular type of service area.  There are volunteer positions for musicians, landscapers, gardeners, beauticians, cosmetologists, singers, clergy, seamstresses, pet therapists, military veterans and more. You could use your talents to benefit others in need of a helping hand all the while learning new and challenging ideas about life and death.  You could take care of a terminally ill patients lawn or help them paint their nails while watching Oprah or enjoy the big game on TV on Sunday.  

The possibilities are many and varied when volunteering with hospice.  And do not forget you would be boosting your chances at landing a job!  All the more reason to begin today in the compassionate work as a hospice volunteer!

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