Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Virginians, Winter Weather Safety, and Hospice


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A Winter Road

A winter storm has hit Virginia, marking the first major snow event Virginia has experienced this year.  Because storms like this are so few and far between, Virginians are not always prepared for snow and ice covering our roadways and walkways.  This type of storm can shut down schools and businesses for days.

Of course, people are still sick and need to be cared for during this time.  Medi Hospice does the best it can to continue to care for the terminally ill receiving hospice our services.  Though our offices might be closed because of winter weather, staff remain on call around the clock to provide top-notch care. 

Nurses and social workers on call during these hours might educate a patient or family member on how to deal with a medical situation over the phone if a nurse can not get there or until a nurse can get there.  A nurse's soothing, knowledgeable voice over the phone can alleviate stress and help a caregiver or patient get through a particularly tough situation.  If an emergency arises, nurses might make an on call visit to patients, even during a snow storm.  It is always Medi's goal to provide the best care so that our patients and families can be comfortable confronting the difficult end of life process.

Safety is always important to our employees, especially during threatening weather conditions.  As this recent string of winter weather passes through, please be prepared to deal with the challenges this weather brings.  Stay off the roads while they are covered in ice and snow, unless there is an emergency or you must go to work or school.  You can find more information on how to cope with winter weather at the website of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Surving Winter Weather VDEM Ready Virginia David Watson
Surviving Winter Weather as found on the Virginia Department of Emergency Management website.

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