Friday, July 17, 2015

We Honor Veterans Level 3 Partner

Medi Home Health & Hospice is proud to announce we have become a Level 3 partner of the We Honor Veterans program. Our staff has worked tirelessly over the last several years to recognize and honor veterans in our community with ongoing outreach and programming. Throughout this journey we have met and honored many veterans from all walks of life.

It is with a great deal of gratitude we thank those who helped make this happen, especially the veterans in the community who allowed us to recognize them.  In some cases you allowed us into your homes or your place of residence to share your stories and struggles with us. These are the kinds of moments we will never forget as hospice workers, so thank you.  We would also like to thank the healthcare organizations in the community who worked with us and made this achievement possible.


We Honor Veterans is a program that seeks to honor those who previously served in the military. The program's mission is to recognize veterans for their service, promote a compassionate message of understanding towards the veteran community, and educate others on specific issues veterans may face at the end of life.

The program is a partnership between the Department of Veteran Affairs, the NHPCO, hospices, healthcare providers in the community, and various veteran-centric organizations.  The program requires that ongoing recognition and educational activities be completed in order to be a partner and progress through the 4 Levels of We Honor Veterans. The staff at Medi Home Health & Hospice eagerly continues the work for promoting this cause. Educating our community and caring for veterans is responsibility we take seriously. It is the kind of work that does not end with an achievement or recognition. It is our goal going forward that we continue to promote a message of positivity and provide the quality care that our veterans deserve.

For more information on the We Honor Veterans program, please visit  If you are a current military service member or a veteran who would like to help this cause, please contact the Medi Hospice Volunteer Coordinator at (804) 201-7335 to find out how you can volunteer to visit with veterans at the end of their life, providing support to them and their families.